Apr 1, 2011

Kids Bedroom Rugs: Find the Best

Is it necessary to have kids bedroom rugs? The answer can be yes or no. It depends. But if you really love your kids, and want to give them the best, then it becomes unavoidable. Kids’ imagination and energy is boundless. If they never feel tired, definitely they’ll always play and have a good time. All that’s left to do is to guide your kids in journey to genius. OK, enough for the chit-chat


Kids bedroom is their earth and transforming it into a useful playing area for learning will certainly make days fascinating. Colorful rugs are able to cheer up kid’s bedroom. Particularly nowadays rugs are provided amazingly to creative playtime and available in various designs such as station, bridge, planet, jungle, letter, number and etc. sports lover kids will love the bedroom rug like a fish to water.

Instead doing expensive paint or wallpaper, kids bedroom rugs may be the efficient way. Sometimes, kids favorite changes as they grow and you can still show your love by giving them new rug design they like. Besides, rugs are really easy to remove by simply rolling it out hence they are smart alternative.

You have to know that choosing kids bedroom rugs is not the same as choosing rugs somewhere else in your house, since kids wants are different. Good kids rugs are the ones which educate, amuse, and motivate. Here are some examples of rug styles:
1. Educational rugs : letters, numbers, nursery rhymes.
2. Innovation rugs : new shape or size or scheme, unique style.
3. Play rugs : sports, matching numbers
4. Modern rugs : modern style to hone your kids sense in fashion.
It’s not a must to choose the downiest and smoothest rug to offer your kids comfortable place. A rug which has pile less then 1/3 inch height and made from synthetic fiber is good to prevent risky skids and cleaning is then made easy.

Another side of choosing kids bedroom rugs is considering the appropriate color, size, shape, and material. To choose the right size, you first have to decide the area you want it to be covered. It’s virtually always good to choose kids rugs color that blends well with bedroom color scheme. If you choose right material, the maintenance will be a lot easier. One of the best materials is fiber and it’s popular for its stain and moisture proof quality. Besides, it has light weight then offers another ease in maintenance. Another good material is polypropylene; it’s light, good-looking, and simple to look after.

Choosing right kids bedroom rugs is not kid’s games. Your kids rug should be pleasing, useful, light, and easy maintaining. Choose accurately and your kids will be happy and safe.
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Mar 28, 2011

Master Bedroom Design: Romantic Style

Whenever you're fed up with your master bedroom, you may create some modifications that results a drastic different feeling. Romantic master bedroom designs may be involving wall renovation, inserting a lovely blind which has lavish textile that is redolent of romantic days and renovating ceiling fans using leather particularization or putting Victorian-style lampshade on table-side reading lights for mood illuminating. You can convert a regular shop-bought lamp into attractive lamp by

spraying it with silver or gold old-hat or crunching ends and your bedroom may be revised using a unique bedclothes or storage choices.

It’s a normal to feel boring with your master bedroom design and if you want a romantic haven then you can even just make little thorough changes. It must not be a costly modification. Pot addition with silk plants might bring a stroke of romanticism into your bedroom. Another way is to put a swanky quilt set that synchronize with your master bedroom furniture, colors, and design to make you bedroom look more gorgeous.
Click image to see details

Remember that romantic feeling is dependent on your own tastes and favorites thus there are many ways to make a comfortable romantic master bedroom design. There’s one thing you should know that total coziness of your master bedroom might be relying on small detailing that rapidly changes the mood with calmness or closeness. Thus thin or lacy window panes, messy valance and a cozy sitting corner may finalize the expression.

In case you have considerable wood furnishing by now, you can give a new difference to your master bedroom design by a small number of additions or modifications. To make some redecoration, you can add one of fashionable faux leather bed options. If you already put some leather detailing to other elements of your master bedroom such as your end tables or desk, then this can put the last touches on the delightful fabric and accent of warmness.
romantic master bedroom furniture
See description by clicking above

Another idea to create romantic master bedroom design is to paint your walls with a glamor gold color, to put an old-fashioned carpet. Renovating thrift table can be accomplished by painting it brown to give an antique look. You may still want to add a faux leather sleigh bed to increase romantic feeling because it won’t burden your budget. Furthermore, you can obtain one which has pedestal with drawer thus it gives you more storage space. That way you can remove a dresser and create place for a warm sitting spot to have an extraordinary talk.
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Mar 27, 2011

Cheap Bedroom Furniture: White Color?

I wrote an article about cheap bedroom furniture here before. Now I want to narrow it down, what about cheap white bedroom furniture? Low-priced furniture is usually related to be not correctly produced, having an element misplaced, and kinds of wrong manufacture. But as we know, the companies which produce the furniture have now a higher and higher standard in producing therefore you don’t need to bother worrying the quality of cheap bedroom furniture. Furthermore, by purchasing cheap furniture you won’t need to think many times before changing or redecorating your bedroom.

Now we get into the topic, cheap white bedroom furniture. Why I choose the white one because it’s becoming more popular with many styles so you have plenty choices available to fit your bedroom designs. Besides, white bedroom furniture virtually goes well with any furniture style and design thus you can always consider this while brainstorming bedroom decorating ideas.

cheap white bedroom furniture

I get really unexcited when I have to clean any stuff as well as this cheap white bedroom furniture. All you have to do is pick a rag then swab it. If you’re unlucky enough, you will need more than just the rag. If there’s probably a stain from a coffee cup you put on the bedroom furniture, then take a little of furniture cream then mix it the rag to accomplish the mission.

Cheap white bedroom furniture can make you room seem bigger. This in turn will provide more freedom in selecting decoration stuffs like curtain, hanging colorful lights with a little chance of generating swarming sensation. Cheap white furniture will give you a cool sensation in summer as it reflects more nature light. Other way, white furniture will produce the warmness and relaxation in fall and breezy conditions.

The conclusion is that cheap bedroom furniture will ease you in bedroom decorating budget and white bedroom furniture will offer flexibility in designing, thus combining them is a really great ideas. See you!
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Mar 26, 2011

Unique Bedroom Headboards: 5 Impressive Ideas

Surely the unique bedroom headboard is the one which is noticeable element of your bed. And the other elements are buried below the mattress. As your bed is the first thing to see in your bedroom, then it’s really great to have a unique bedroom headboard that no body has and everybody loves. Talking about headboards ideas, you may consider the following 5 pointers to use as your headboard.

Headboard from formed iron gate
Have you ever seen Italian or Mexican style bedroom? You’ll see that the headboards are made from formed iron gate. It’s look cool and royal, right? A formed iron gate which has stunning pattern can drastically change your bedroom into an antique palace filled with secrecy and luxury.

Headboard from picket fence
Now we go from the formed iron gate to picket fence. This kind of headboard is straight great for a country-decorated bedroom. Just hang it to the necessary fence then you get an attractive result with little effort. Sure it’ll be really unique.

Headboard from room divider
It’s an absolutely smart idea to make a headboard from a room divider. You know, it’s easy to apply. Usually room dividers have a right height to use as a headboard. Firstly you have to fold it out flat and lock it between the bed and the wall. It’s done! You’ve had a stunning unique headboard immediately. Because room dividers are available in various types of designs therefore you now have countless alternatives which suit you bedroom in any decoration.

Headboard from fireplace mantle
Fire, you’re hot. Making headboard from fireplace mantle even gives you a more unique and hotter look in your cozy bedroom. It instantly gives sense of warmth into bedroom atmosphere. This kind of headboard will suit well with a cottage style bedroom.

Headboard from beveled mirrors
Do you like to see your bedroom look a lot wider? Yes, headboard from mirrors which have beveled edges will give you a virtual space to make a larger bedroom sensation. Besides, it’ll reflect the lights and can make brighter and luxurious touch. But instead using a huge mirror, you can choose mirror that has smaller size.

Those are top 5 ideas for creating a unique headboard to flavor your favorite bedroom. Try them and get surprised!
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Mar 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

People generally use the term master bedroom for a bedroom that is intended for a couple husband and wife. The first idea of a master bedroom included a regular space which has a king-sized bed and dresser. As time goes, a master bedroom has changed into a room that provides the highest deluxe and coziness. You may see now a master bedroom with a sitting area, a wet bar, a dressing area and each of them is decorated with stylish furniture. Then a master bedroom will be more comprehensive.

As typical bedroom, a large number of master bedrooms contain a dresser, chest, a king-sized bed, mirror, and nightstand. Master bedroom designs are available in various types from the modern to conventional style. But master bedroom furniture of course has a special feature in style and scale compared to ordinary bedroom furniture. Master bedroom furniture is mostly metallic and wooden.

Certainly, the main furniture in bedroom is the bed. And the size of master bedroom bed then becomes the judgment factor. A master bedroom design usually uses a large king- or queen-sized bed. The shapes, the materials, and the design of the bed are available in many types for different needs.

The next main furniture for master bedroom is dresser. It’s usual to locate a dresser on bed left side in master bedroom. What dresser style should you choose? It depends on the whole master bedroom design you have. What about rustic bedroom furniture? Don’t forget its original purpose for storage space while choosing it.

There are other several furnitures in addition to the two above. They are chest, mirror, and nightstands. They will finalize the master bedroom designs. Chest becomes necessary as you bring electrical devices into your master bedroom and because it’s a multi-purpose storage space. Usually, a master bedroom has a nightstand which has one drawer or more. It’s located beside the bed. You can locate the mirror over the dresser.

And well, sleep like a king and a queen! :)
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Mar 21, 2011

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: There’s Nothing Wrong to Try It

I’m not an expert in feng shui of course, but I just want to share my feng shui experience to make some bedroom tips. One portion of feng shui coverages is color usage so it’s quite important to use bedroom color that’s very “you”. Don’t think that feng shui will directly decide what bedroom color scheme should be, but it will guide you to make personalized bedroom to meet your requirement.

The main feng shui rule is that you have to understand your passions and moods when you feel particular color. There’s no way but to try it. Do I have to frequently change my bedroom color to do it? The good news is no. Using different tablecloth, sticking a picture with certain color, or even using color lamp, they all will do. Be creative.

Feng shui says that there’s a relationship between your bedroom direction and color scheme you’re supposed to use. If your bedroom is in the east direction, you should add some wood elements. Thus you can use wood bedroom furniture. And the color? It’s not a necessity to use brown color, you can also use green that means wood element too.

Southeast bedroom must have mixing of warm and cool. You can guess to use red, blue and purple colors, then you may use paper lanterns with those colors.

Feng shui states that southern direction bedroom may be best decorated using fire element and choosing red, pink, burgundy, and peach colors. You can put those colors on pillows and obtain fire from candles in south wall. Be aware of using metal furniture as it suggests water which is fire’s enemy.

Bedroom in southwestern side can be decorated using red and pink colors together. According to feng shui, you can choose in western side bedroom the combination of white, silver, grey, and gold because western element is metal. Then you may try to decorate your bedroom with furniture made of metal.
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Direction
Now we move on to northwest side. It is associated by feng shui with black, gray, and black colors. Then the bedroom tips are to use black to give traditional and stylish accentuation then to use gray and white for bigger items.

North side bedroom is related to water element in feng shui. Hence black and blue colors are cool to use. Another tips? You can also put a tiny fountain, an aquarium (with salt water fish), or anything which carries water to the bedroom. As said before, metal means water so you may use metallic furniture.

Between east and north is northeast and it’s a combination between wood and water element. Then using blue, black, and green colors as your bedroom color scheme is excellent. For example, you may decorate the bedroom by putting a Japanese
bamboo with flowing water sounding “tac tac…”.

I also have something about bedroom color scheme here. All of this feng shui bedroom tips are useless ‘till you apply it. Give it an experiment and be a “bedroom scientist”.
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Mar 17, 2011

Rustic Bedroom Furniture: Fashionable and Long-Lasting

Have you ever decided to choose rustic bedroom furniture when you want to redecorate your bedroom? If the answer is no, then you should start thinking about it now. Rustic bedroom furniture has become fashionable recently and besides it’ll last long.

One thing to consider when selecting rustic bedroom furniture is what wood you want it made of. Different wood used in rustic bedroom furniture will have different strength and usage period. Rustic bedroom furniture made of oak (hard wood) will guarantee you to be able to use it in a very long period and it’ll look fashionable for all time.

And what about rustic bedroom furniture made of soft wood? Of course it still gives that similar quality and fashion. But it’ll be injured so easily while you’re using it. You can also choose other rustic bedroom furniture from soft cedar wood that’ll give you calming fragrance anytime you enter your bedroom.

Don’t ever guess that it’ll be much more intricate to treat rustic bedroom furniture. It’s usually simple to care rustic bedroom furniture compared to metal furniture that needs to be washed with smooth foamy napkin on a regular basis. If you have rustic bedroom furniture then you’re suggested to shield its surface with a wood preservative. Before using it, you must search appropriate type of preservative thus it won’t damage you rustic furniture.

You’ll probably feel that rustic bedroom furniture doesn’t suit your bedroom well when you put it on modern style. You can still fix it by combining with modern artwork etc. Rustic bedroom furniture is just one of ingredients to spice up your bedroom, so don’t ever get stuck and you can read my other article about bedroom furniture here.
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